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(This is a 20 min video of the interior layout and sailing clips of the Shannon Pilot 43. There might be a short wait for downloading)
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The Shannon Pilot 43 uses the same hull design as the aft cockpit 43, which has been proven over the last decade on many ocean voyages, such as an 18 day 3,000 nautical mile transatlantic crossing in 1994 from Newport, RI to Ireland, and an impressive 2nd overall and 1st in class finish in the 1991 Marion, MA to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race. However, like all Shannons, the Pilot 43 hull was not designed to win around the buoy races, and no compromises were made for handicap rules or ratings. Shannons set records because they are fast, boat for boat, and because the people sailing them have the big advantage of being on a boat that will not tire them out during the passage.
The Pilot 43 has a length/displacement ratio of 250, and a sail area/displacement ratio of 18.6. The consensus of yacht designers is that boats with these mid-range figures are the best suited for long distance passage making. The safest ocean voyage is always the swiftest as long as the boat provides security and comfort even in extreme conditions.
The Shannon Pilot 43 is a new design development combining the hull and rig options of the successful Shannon 43, and the interior steering concept of the acclaimed Shannon Pilot 38. The Pilot 43 has the same offshore sailing characteristics as the aft cockpit 43 combined with the comfort of an interior steering station. Like the Shannon 43, the Pilot 43 has outstanding sailing characteristics, with excellent speed on all points of sail even in light air. The Pilot 43 is a true sailing auxiliary, not a motorsailer.

The wheelhouse offers a place to operate the boat out of the elements as well as a comfortable salon for dining and enjoying the 360 degree waterfront view. When a reverse cycle air conditioning/heating system is installed, the Pilot 43 truly becomes "a yacht for all seasons." Besides providing shelter from the rain and the cold, the wheelhouse also offers protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun. With a large opening hatch over the helm for seeing the mainsail and complete controls and instrumentation, sailing the Pilot 43 from the inside helm is easy and comfortable.

"Any serious cruiser looking for shelter from the sun, wind, rain, fog or cold will find an attractive well built friend in the Pilot 43."

-from Cruising World by Steve Callahan

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