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Shannon 52 Global

• The Shannon 52 Global is the classically styled pilot yacht that is Shannon’s latest answer for sailors who are looking for a luxurious, short-handed ocean cruiser that allows them to get out of the weather. The wheelhouse with its interior helm station offers total protection from the sun, and shelter from the rain and cold, making the Shannon 52 Global the ultimate yacht for all seasons.

• Compared to pilot models currently offered by other boat builders, the 52 Global has the advantage over its competitors because of its improved ventilation throughout the boat especially in the spacious galley; visibility looking outside when seated in a larger salon that includes an off-watch sea berth; better location of the engine(s) and generator under the main salon (rather than wedged aft under the cockpit); no ports in the hull that can potentially can sink a boat; and no changes in cabin sole height with awkward up and down steps.

• The seaworthiness of the 52 Global is achieved using the ocean tested Shannon aft cockpit 47/52 hull and blue water center cockpit design. The 52 Global has the same offshore sailing characteristics of the 47/52.

• The unique deck plan of the 52 Global has a pilot house that allows for good visibility from the raised aft cockpit while the sight lines from the protected interior steering station are unobstructed in all directions including aft.

• The 52 Global utilizes all the modern advances in sail handling such as electric winches, electrically operated roller furling main booms and headstay roller furlers, and self-tending club booms that eliminate work and provide effortless sailing without compromising performance. One person is able to raise, reef, or lower sails just by pressing a button. (Of course, in the event of any mechanical failure, the sails can be operated manually.)

• The 52 Global is available in either a fixed keel or a keel centerboard hull. The reverse transom provides a large swim platform for easy boarding from a dinghy, plus convenient storage space for the life raft.

• The 52 Global is a full-rigged auxiliary, not a motorsailer, with a choice of rig: cutter, ketch or custom Shannon “Scutter” or “Sketch”. For our motorsailer, please visit 53 HPS

• The twin diesel feature of 52 Global enhances its maneuverability and long-range capability. And with either the twin diesel engines or the larger single diesel, the 52 Global will still make good time over long distances when the wind doesn't cooperate. The 52 Global has a 1000 mile range under power.

• The 52 Global’s raised deck pilot configuration offers an extraordinary amount of useable accessible space that can be dedicated to the engine room and machinery spaces. Desalinators, oil changers, washer/dryers, fuel polishing systems, etc. can all be accommodated, and more importantly are installed with easy access for maintenance.

• The 52 Global has unrivaled attention to detail and finish, a robust hi-tech composite core fiberglass hull and deck, and is built to the highest standards of quality construction that has earned Shannon a reputation as the premier builder of ocean cruising yachts over the last 35 years.