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"The Shannon 39 is an extremely well-built and finished is a boat that one would quickly come to know and feel safe in no matter how harsh the conditions.Comfortable below and on deck,she is destined to become the final yacht purchase for a lot of experienced cruisers."

-from SAILING by Chip Barber

The Shannon 39 is an evolutionary design development by Walt Schulz of the hull and rig configurations of the successful 37 and 38. The 39 is intended to be the perfect boat for a couple to sail and live aboard anywhere in the world, while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

The design goal for the Shannon 39 was to create a medium displacement boat that would accommodate the strongest construction standards in the industry, provide the necessary water and fuel capacities, and create an environment in which people could sail safely, comfortably, and quickly no matter how long the passage. The 39 has a length/displacement ratio of 243, and a sail area/displacement ratio of 17.02. The consensus of yacht designers is that boats with these mid-range figures are the best suited for long distance passage making. The safest ocean voyage is always the swiftest as long as the boat provides security and comfort even in extreme conditions.

The Shannon 39’s hull design has been proven over many ocean voyages. However, like all Shannons, the 39 hull was not designed to win around the buoys races, and no compromises were made for handicap rules or ratings. Shannons set records because they are fast, boat for boat, and because the people sailing them have the big advantage of being on a boat that will not tire them out during the passage.

The information contained within this site will highlight the design, engineering, and construction details that set Shannon apart. Specific construction features and equipment selections are presented to demonstrate Shannon's commitment to serious voyaging boats using only top quality materials and equipment.


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