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The Amphfoil Project Update


On June 27, 2017 Walt Schulz received notice from the US Patent Office that his patent for a “Three Stage Watercraft” was published. The patent  # 9688356 B2 is in effect from the original filing date of March 24, 2016 for a 20 year period. Following patent procedures all the international patent filings were executed on September 27, 2017.

A “utility patent” is very difficult to obtain, compared to a specific device/use patent, but after years of hard, expensive and tedious work the revolutionary Amphfoil Concept using catamaran, hydrofoil and surface effect technologies on a single watercraft now has full international patent protection. The Amphfoil patent is Walt’s fifth patent and his other concept patent on SRD Technology is also incorporated into the Amphfoil’s catamaran hulls.


There has never been a boat like the Amphfoil that is capable of slow docking and harbor speeds (0 to 25 mph), fully maneuverable intermediate speeds (25 mph to 50 mph) and safe, smooth high speeds (50 mph to 100 mph) in marine history.


During the three year long patent process Walt used his “spare time” to redesign the Amphfoil into two distinctive length models, a 30 ft/9m and a 40 ft/12m. While the Amphfoil patent has no size or length limitations, the models of different length are further proof of the flexibility and adaptability of the Amphfoil Concept for commercial, government and recreational markets.






It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of  David Elzy Walters on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at the age of 76 after a long illness. Dave was one of the three founding partners of Shannon Boat Company in 1975, along with Walt Schulz and Bill Stechman III. David later went on to form Cambria Yachts and David Walters Yachts, a very successful brokerage firm located in Ft. Lauderdale.

(ABOVE) Dave (l) and Walt (r) c.1979

(RIGHT) Dave (l) and Walt (r) taken in the spring of 2017



Here in the northeast, the boating season has finally arrived, with temperatures climbing into the 80s, sunny skies and sea breezes calling.  Shannon Yacht Brokerage still has some beautiful Shannons, sail and power, in our inventory. If for some reason a Shannon is not right for you, we can help you find the boat that is. We not only  specialize in Shannons,  but we also specialize in other yachts such as Bristols, and are familiar with each boat and their background history.  On the market today and waiting for new owners are Hinckleys,  Aldens,  classic woodies, Sabres, and many many more. Call Bill Ramos today 401-253-2441 for the best brokerage service in the industry. email


THE AMPHFOIL PROJECT is nearing completion, with patents in place, engineering and designs completed for a 40'/12m and 30'/9m Amphfoil,  websites online, trade magazines notified, business plan in place, etc. etc. The 30'/9m Amphfoil, is the latest dynamic design from Shannon. engineered on a smaller (30'/9m) platform, the Sport 2+2 is loaded with the same innovative features as the Amphfoil 40 and delivers thrilling performance, accommodates 2-4 passengers, and boasts exclusivity, status and pure open air sports car type exhilaration. The Amphfoil 30/9m will be built as a demo/show boat that will demonstrate conclusively that it is engineered to be modular, capable of unique, variable speed performance with the potential of being shipped and remotely assembled anywhere in the world, creating additional export opportunities in diverse global markets.


We believe the Amphoil will revolutionize water transportation and military coastal defense and we welcome interested investors going forward with the prototype!




Heading into the new year we are optimistic that 2017 will be the best year ever here at Shannon Boat Company.  Shannon Yacht Brokerage firm is busier than ever, having new listings and more recent sales in the last few months. No brokerage firm has sold more Shannons and for a higher percentage of the asking price than Shannon Yacht Brokerage. Visit our site for the latest listings, videos, and information about boats on the market. If you are thinking about selling your boat, call Bill  401-253-2441 email for a market analysis and assistance.



With all the good fortune we have had at Shannon over the past 42 years, we believe it's all about giving back, in helping others to have a better life through the magic of the sea.  Making our Hemingway sportfishing boat replica Pilar accessible for those with disabilities to enjoy has been one of the most rewarding projects in my career.  Then,  partnering with Harry Horgan, president of Shake-A-Leg Miami and moving Pilar to his facility in Miami was almost too good to be true. I commissioned Pilar in Florida last week and we began organizing the calendar of boat and fishing trips on Biscayne Bay for groups of autistic children and war veterans. After witnessing the joy on the faces of the children and veterans, I knew my mission would be accomplished with Harry "at the helm".  In addition to Harry and his Shake-A-leg Miami crew, we were fortunate to have found and hired an Iraqi war veteran, Sean Polk, who single-handed his Bristol sailboat from North Carolina to Miami in December. Sean will be working along with Harry's people giving rides to autistic children and fishing excursions to war veterans who are mentally or physically impaired and who are facing adversity and hardship in their daily lives.


To support the program, several days a week Pilar will also be taking out the public on fishing excursions, harbor tours, sunset cruises, and much more. Pilar is the only fully accessible boat of its size in the U.S. and is located on one of the most beautiful bays in Florida.  Because charter fees are actual donations to SAF for tax deduction, those who charter Pilar will be "having fun and helping others". If you are in the neighborhood stop in at Shake-A-Leg Miami and see all the wonderful things happening there or call to reserve at boat ride on Pilar.


Next on the agenda is the conversion of a Shannon Shoalsailer which was donated to SRMHF. The Shoalsailer will be renamed the Defiance 35. Because of its wide beam and stable hull design, the Defiance 35 is suitable to be converted with accessible features  for the use of veterans and people with disabilities at Shake-A-Leg Miami. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Bill at Shannon.







The once seemingly impossible dream of recreational boating for the adaptive community is now sailing much closer to the apparent wind with the exciting and newly launched partnership between the Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation of Bristol, Rhode Island and Shake-A-Leg of Miami, Florida, both 501(c)3 organizations.


Following over 40 years of designing and building offshore sail and power yachts, Walter Schulz, President and Founder of Shannon Boat Company, started the Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation in 2015, to share the industry that realized his own dreams by refitting existing sail and power boats, as well as developing a line of yachts that are user-friendly, interactive and safe for the adaptive community.


The three core principles of the Shannon River Marine Heritage (SRMHF) Foundation are that: 1) recreational boating and sailing is a therapeutic and curative experience that should be available to disabled veterans and people with disabilities; 2) every person, regardless of physical ability or age-related mobility issues, can be an active participant in the boating and sailing experience; and 3) access to dignified boarding, cooking and lavatory facilities are an integral part of being an active participant – a perfect complement to the quarter century vision of Shake-A-Leg Miami.

Shake-A-Leg Miami (SALM), run by co-founder and President, Harry R. Horgan, has been America’s premier, adaptive watersports community since 1991. SALM serves people of all abilities with or without physical, developmental, and economic challenges by providing numerous opportunities for them to enjoy Biscayne Bay through environmental lessons, therapeutic sailing, swimming, & kayaking, and other watersports activities.


The shared passion of Walt Schulz and Harry Horgan, as well as their combined experience and resources, will offer an unprecedented opportunity for making the dream of boating, a dream that was once impossible for some, now a dream that can be realized by all.


The first order of business is to move SRMHF’s first adaptive yacht, a 38-foot exact replica of Ernest Hemingway’s “Pilar” to Miami for use by SALM.  Next up on the docket will be the adaptive conversion of a 32’ Shannon Shoalsailer, kindly donated to SRMHF by a Shannon owner, for SALM to teach sailing lessons on a yacht that barely heels and has the ability to sail in less than three feet of water.


“Pilar” is expected to arrive in Miami in mid December, and her launch in Biscayne Bay will celebrate the exciting new alliance of SRMHF and SALM.


JULY, 2016



After successful sea trials last sumer of the test model of the Shannon Amphoil water transport vessel, Walt has spent the major part of this past year pulling together the patent and finalizing the design.


SHANNON...NOW IN OUR 41ST YEAR! We have introduced the brand new very exciting Silver Concept powerboat models that address changes is lifestyles: a yacht for today and tomorrow.  The Shannon Silver 28, Silver Sailer 35, and the Shannon Silver 38,  are all leading-edge in boating for the "ageless boater".


FISHING, CRUISING AND SAILING IS STILL ATTAINABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.  Correspondingly with boats for the "ageless boater", Shannon's goal is to keep everyone in boating by paving the way to the restorative powers of outdoor fresh air boating, fishing and by converting suitable pre-owned boats to adaptive boats. If you have limited mobility or are in a wheelchair and dream of fishing, sailing or cruising, we can help you find a pre-owned boat that is capable of being converted for accessible and adaptive use to fit your budge and specific needs. READ MORE>


SHANNON RIVER MARINE HERITAGE is progressing very nicely into 2016, thanks to the many donations from our friends who sincerely care about helping our wounded warriors and people with disabilities share a rewarding and fulfilling life on the water, (something we all take for granted!) The adaptive modifications for people with disabilities to our flagship Pilar are almost completed and Pilar will be ready for fishing excursions, boat rides and harbor tours.  Keep up with SRMHF on Facebook and  We will be posting our harbor tours schedule for the general public as soon as the weather warms up on  All profits from ticket sales will go to the Foundation to help keep up maintenance on Pilar and to continue getting those people with disabilities out on the water having fun.  Any veterans who might who want a job in the boat industry or working on Pilar, we want to hear from you, so please let Bill Ramos know.



In looking forward to our 42nd year, we thank all of our friends who have supported us for the past 41 years. We wish you all fair winds and calm seas in your journeys.



Why the Shannon River Marine Heritage Foundation?


Building yachts with an unbroken chain of management for over 40 years, Shannon has survived back-to-back recessions, economic downturns, and the crippling luxury tax of 1990 that put dozens of boat builders into bankruptcy with thousands of employees losing their jobs.  Through it all Shannon is still strong and we are ready to give back! It has taken three long years to reach this juncture with the SRMH Foundation but we’re now fully underway. The focus of SRMH is to train veterans and/or persons with a disability for employment in the boat industry, and to get veterans and people with a disability out on the water sailing, boating and even fishing in custom adaptive boats. We’re going to give those much less fortunate an outdoor experience that the rest of us take for granted and also give our transitioning military heroes a career opportunity. If you are a veteran, or know someone who wants employment in the exciting boat industry,  contact Bill Ramos today.


We kicked off the program in October with a boat ride for persons with a disability on Walt Schulz's latest classic wood boat restoration...a perfect re-creation of Ernest Hemingway's 1934 Pilar, a 38 foot Wheeler. Pilar has already been modified by Shannon for people with limited mobility and more features for accessibility are planned.  Pilar will be the flagship of SRMH and will travel to marinas along the East Coast to  promote public awareness of those facing the challenge of living daily with disabilities.  Please go to to see how you can help.



Disabled friends out for a cruise on Pilar, the Shannn adaptive powerboat

Walt Schulz and friends out for a ride on PILAR on a beautiful Fall New England day. Everyone had a great time!


Very frequently we have Shannon owners and non-Shannon owners send us pictures of Shannons that they spot all over the globe. We try to put them up on our site or on our Facebook page whenever we can. Below are two videos already on YouTube of the Shannon 53 HPS that you may enjoy. Thanks guys, keep those photos coming

Shannon 52RDP racing in North Carolina

Shannon 52 RDP "Miramar" owners Bill & Susan Forgione sailing in Oriental, North Carolina. Photo by Walter Abercrombie

Shannon 53HPS at the Annapolis boat Show in 2014




Photo of Shannon 53HPS at the Annapolis Sailboat Show contributed by John Leichty


Thanks, John!


(Below) Not exactly a Shannon Spotter, but here's a marvelous view of Carl Nelson's 55HPS "MoonTide II" taken from his drone in the Bahamas yesterday. Thank you, Carl, we are duly impressed!!..(and a little jealous, too.)




We'll be updating our Facebook page Shannon Boat Company with new photos and events here at Shannon. Our owners' album is filling up with gorgeous photographs received from Shannon passagemakers around the globe.  Check it out>