On March 31 we started lofting the new and innovative Shannon 53 HPS which is scheduled for launch in the spring of 2009. Many of you have e-mailed and called us asking for the DVD and pictures. We will try our best to keep you updated on our construction progress of the Shannon 53 HPS with photos on this page. We are also busy working on the Shannon 53 HPS video and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready.
(left) Although Walt Schulz designs yachts using a sophisticated CAD program on the computer, he still likes to see the boat in full size on the lofting floor. The lost art of lofting a boat continues at Schulz Boat Company with John and Dave "springing a batten" on to set the stations for the new Shannon 53 HPS
The stations have all been cut from the lofting floor, are erected and in place for the mold. (left) Walt and Rick reach for a batten which will be set on the sheer.
Rick, John and Walt set the batten which will form the sheer on the mold.
Shannon 53 HPS: Hull and Deck Mold
Shannon 53 HPS: Constructing the Interior
Shannon 53 HPS: The Deck
Shannon 53 HPS: The Launching
Battens spaced evenly across the stations begin to form the unique and unprecedented curvature of the Shannon 53HPS hull.
Week 11
(above) Walt is preparing to fair the topsides with the airboard while Joe sands
(below right) Rick fairs the keel radius (below left) Walt fairing with the airboard
Rick and John laying down the cedar skins on the topsides of the mold
The mold takes shape
(above) Jake and John of Shannon's laminating crew apply a layer of fiberglass cloth over the Shannon 53 HPS hull mold. The red material is fairing compound applied to the mold.

(left) The last layer of coating is applied to the mold's interior surface. This light blue material is then buffed and polished to ensure that every hull that comes out of the new Shannon 53 HPS mold will be perfectly fair and gleam in the sunlight.

Week 14
The size of the hull of the Shannon 53 HPS is readily apparent in this photo of Walt Schulz and the crew sanding the mold. The 53 will have much more interior volume than any sailboat of the same length on deck because of the 53's longer water line length and increased beam carried aft with its patented hull shape.
Here is the finished port half of the Shannon 53 HPS hull mold all polished. When the starboard half is finished, the one piece hull will be molded.
(above) Here's John Proctor of Shannon's prototype department as the battens are installed to form the shape of the second half of the hull mold
(left) Rick Fraser installs more battens to exactly mirror the completed starboard half of the mold
(bottom) All measurements are checked relative to the white wire centerline to insure absolute accuracy
(right) Joe Cabral of Shannon's fiberglass department inspects the port half of the Shannon 53HPS hull mold before the application of the final surface.

(below, top and bottom) Jake fairs the layup on the port half of the hull mold

With the entire mold erected, the incredible volume of the Shannon 53HPS hull is readily apparent.

Week 23
The Shannon 53 HPS hull mold is being waxed and the staging is in place to begin the hull lamination process.











Week 18
Week 20