Portsmouth, RI to Norfolk, VA, 433 miles of high seas, ice storms and freezing cold temperatures...it was a dangerous but exciting voyage on the Shannon 53 HPS "OHANA". Walt Schulz and crew, Shannon's Rick Frazier, Luis Couto, and Bob Steele, of Steele and Rowe, who has been making the beautiful canvas dodgers and biminis for Shannon for 25 years, stayed warm inside except when they had to shovel the ice that built up from the breaking waves over the deck and cabin. The boat and the crew performed beautifully, and although ""OHANA"'s mast was not stepped until she reached Florida, the 53 HPS was comfortable, stable and seaworthy under such severe weather condions. "OHANA" completed the offshore leg of the voyage in 47 hours averaging 9.1 knots